Simple Website Creation

Finally, there is a top-notch WYSIWYG web editor for everyone. There is no more need to invest a small fortune for a program to create or edit a web page. KompoZer has a graphical interface and CSS technology.

KompoZer is a complete solution for web design. With user-friendly file management and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG web editor, it is comparable to well-known high-end commercial programs.

KompoZer is simple in design, so even users with no prior knowledge of HTML can create an attractive and professional-looking website.

The reliable technology in KompoZer

KompoZer is based on Gecko, the presentation standard for Internet standards such as XHTML, HTML and CSS, which is also used in Mozilla applications. It is very fast, reliable and includes standards-compliant technology maintained by a large developer community. Its remarkable support for XML, CSS and JavaScript, provides the best development tool on the market. Its XUL-based programming makes it extremely easy to customize and extend KompoZer.

KompoZer is a self-contained program with a small file size and high speed.

Users with prior knowledge of the major commercial WYSIWYG editors will quickly find their way around KompoZer.

  • WYSIWYG editing of your website is as easy as writing in a word processor.
  • Reliable HTML code that displays on all popular web browsers.
  • Switching between WYSIWYG editing and source code editing.
  • TAB display of multiple pages allows fast page switching
  • Additional functions for tables and forms.
  • The powerful easy-to-use web editor is available for LInux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems.

Details about the functionalities in KompoZer

CSS editor

Easily create your stylesheet with the CSS editor. Formatting changes are "lived" and applied directly to the open file. Export your stylesheet to use it for other projects. Import a stylesheet from an existing project. Edit and extend your formatting in the stylesheet editor.

Personalize the and toolbars

Increased clarity - In KompoZer you can customize the toolbars so that only the buttons of the applications you need are displayed.

New color tool

KompoZer has an enhanced color selection tool. You can use the wizard to define the color using RGB or HSV specifications, or simply use the color pickup tool to pick up a color from the open page.

Visible control marks

Easily find your way around the page by highlighting all block elements with a red border.

Formatting ruler for tables and table cells

Tables and cells can be resized with the mouse via rulers at the top round left margin.

Automatic spell checker

KompoZer can be equipped with a spell checker. The spell checker can be set to display unknown words directly as they are entered.


As in Mozilla Firefox, multiple pages can now be opened in KompoZer. They are displayed in convenient TABs. Each page has its own edit journal, so undoing and redoing the last steps is possible for each page.


With the Form Wizard you can easily edit and customize your forms.

Cleaner markup

KompoZer has a built-in markup cleaner that removes unnecessary line breaks from the HTML document and checks the page for W3C compliance.

FTP site Manager

All web projects defined in the publishing settings are displayed in the side manager in an explorer view. The display can be limited by a filter to html or graphics only. Graphics can be inserted into an open page by a simple drag and drop procedure.

Team and Acknowledgements

Lead development

  • Fabien Cazenave aka Kazé

Code review

  • Rudy Kuntz aka Do-IT
  • Yves Mairesse aka Ymai
  • Alain Lorieux aka chinon37
  • Anke Lange aka Eleanora
  • Charles Cookes
  • Gérard Talbot

Special thanks to....

  • Daniel Glazman and Linspire for the development of NVU, without which KompoZer would not exist
  • the whole Mozilla team for the development of Composer, without which NVU would not exist
  • Motohiko for the fix on Site Manager
  • Paul Hammant for the SVN branch
  • Tony Yarusso and the MOTU team for the Debian package in Ubuntu
  • All translation teams and support forums and their members
  • All users who donated to the project to keep it alive.

Why is the project called "KompoZer" and not "NVU"?

NVU and the NVU logo are registered trademarks of Linspire.Inc.

After Linspire stopped development of NVU, the project had to be given a new name so that code fixes and changes could be incorporated.

Why is KompoZer only a 0.7.10 version?

Because for 99% of all developers in this world, a "1.0" version is not named until the program is ready for professional use. KompoZer in its 0.7.10 version is already very stable, but still needs time for fixes in the code and features before it can be released for professional use.

Is there a development roadmap?

There is a rough plan:

  • 0.7 branch: fix most of the CSS editor functions.
  • 0.8 branch: implementation of a better site manager
  • 0.9 branch: fix HTML editor functions with focus on code implementation

How can I support the project?

  • Offer support in the KompoZer support forums
  • Report bugs in the programming or make suggestions for improvement (bug report)
  • Provide code patches or installation packages for operating systems (a package for MacOS X is still needed)
  • Translate KompoZer and collaborate on language packages for all languages of the world

And of course you can support the KompoZer project with a donation.